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Dee Fitness


Hello and welcome to my page!

Here is a short overview of my background…

I have been a secretary since 1996 and a legal secretary since 2000.

I have always had a passion for gymnastics, dance and fitness. However, due to my responsibilities as a mother of 4 children, I had to put my passion aside in order to dedicate myself to my family.

My passions were a flame in my heart which had fuelled me for so many years. When I saw my daughters doing gymnastics, my passions reignited. I was torn between my passions and my family’s well-being, but the fear of changing everything made me ignore it.


But how persistent this little flame in my heart was!

The more time passed by, the stronger it got! So passion won over fear and I decided to live the rest of my life to its fullest doing what I’ve loved since I was 8 years old.

So in 2011 I completed my YMCA training course in group choreography and strength training, and a private training course at Ataraxia (Fitness Consultants) in October 2014 to further my knowledge.

I want to take each person, and pass on the passion I have for this wonderful machine we call our body; passing on my vision and emphasising how precious it is. This Machine is at the center of everything we can touch, reach, achieve and release.

Fitness does not only benefit our physical self but most definitely improves our mental self, and this became more indisputable during the pandemic. We become more focussed, determined and motivated. We learn how to achieve our goals and persevere through failure and set-backs. These are lessons that we can rely upon in our day-to-day lives.

For me, it’s MORE than just the look…a healthy body is vital, both mentally and physically!


Training in the training room or at the office. Private or semi-private training at home (by appointment)


Free weights, body bar, elastics, ab roller, punching bag, dance rope…


My objective is to improve your health and push you to exceed your limitations at each session and thus spread my passion for physical fitness.

Natalie P.

Dee is a conscientious coach. Cares about her clients. Punctual. Varied workout that targets all muscle groups. We feel at the end that our muscles have worked well. I recommend her!

Sherly L.

Taking care of yourself is first of all a personal challenge. It is a challenge to oneself. Coach Dee understands this by adapting our journey to our reality. The exercises are adapted to our objectives. We train while having fun with discipline. I don’t think I’ve EVER liked burp pees in my life, but at least with my coach we get to finish our workouts with satisfaction!

I recommend her without hesitation.